About us

About us


MD Express A Reliable Company :

MD Express is not a simple transport and logistics company ; it is rather characterized by its dedication to its customers, guaranteeing them a personalized and efficient support.

Through its quality services, MD Express endeavours, more particularly, to allow you getting free from all these urgent logistic requirements.

We rely on a recognized know-how that we have acquired through several years of activity in the transport and logistics sector with a team of skilled experts whose ultimate objective has always been and remains your satisfaction.

In order to guarantee a continuous evolution of our company, we favor a human-scale structure to preserve and enhance the quality of our services, interpersonal relationships between actors, thus enabling us to have our customers benefit from skills, experiences and techniques of a structured company.

Therefore we make sure of maintaining a friendly relationship with our different teams, working harmoniously in a joyous and relaxed atmosphere, without ever forgetting our priority : YOU

our coordinates
  •   8 Coop El Bouchera El Mohammadia, Algiers, Algeria
  •   +213 (0) 21 53 65 24
  •   +213 (0) 770 388 607
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